No Hoof - No Horse

Horse owners agree that the trim is the foundation of the horse, and without balance and function, there can be no performance...MORE

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Addressing Lameness

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lameness? there is help waiting...

Is your horse in pain right now? Laminitis, navicular, thin soles, hoof infections, injuries...Your veterinarian is always the first line of defense when pain is detected, but adequate hoof care is also important.  Contact me if your horse needs a gait and hoof evaluation.

Metal & Nails Alternative

When hoof boots or barefoot are not an appropriate option, glue-on polymer shoeing can be a great alternative...MORE

Protection - Function

Equine hoof boots offer great protection and support that is removable, cost effective, and does not do any damage to the hoof walls...MORE

How do we as equine owners and farriers identify and address lameness quickly and accurately?

Do you have questions about me, or about trimming, booting and shoeing? Check out the FAQs page to get answers to common questions..

The natural needs and desires of horses, mules, and donkeys is often misunderstood and poorly represented. Learn how to create a health environment.

Softness & Communication

Traditional horse training can create resistance and lack of trust.  Learn a new way to communicate with equines, and to develop correct behaviors...MORE

Honoring the NATURAL STATE of the horse

High Performance Hoof Care, LLC is a specialty equine service located in New Hampshire.  Barefoot trimming, hoof booting service, polymer shoeing, and natural horse development and training are offered.  With an emphasis on communication, compassion, and customer service second to none, you are guaranteed a great experience!

Established in 2004 by Vickey M. Hollingsworth, the business has served hundreds of happy horses and clients throughout the Midwest.  Recently relocated to New England, new clients are always welcome.

Drafts, Minis, Mules, Donkeys, Ponies, and Horses are addressed with years of education and experience. As a graduate of the Institute of Applied Equine Podiatry, be assured your animals will be addressed with the utmost attention to detail and educated experience.

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