Hoof boots allow owners tremendous flexibility and endless options! Boots can be placed on the hooves and removed as needed.  There are no damaging nail holes placed in the white line and wall, and a thrown shoe doesn't have to end your riding while you wait for the farrier.  Hoof boots have become extremely popular with horse owners and even with hoof care providers due to their ease of use and affordability. 

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Hoof boots are available in an infinite number of sizes, colors, and styles to meet the horse and rider's needs.  Hooves of all shapes from long and oval to short and round can be accommodated, as long as the trim is basically correct.  Extreme hoof conformation abnormalities can make boot fitting tricky. Boots are appropriate for all disciplines including jumping, dressage, trail riding, endurance, and even barrel racing, if fitted and chosen properly.

Hoof boots are excellent for rehabilitating foundered horses, and cushioning abscesses because sole padding can be changed daily if needed.  The extreme cushioning that boots provide allow the horse the ability to stand comfortably and sink into the pads.

Since hoof boots are only worn when needed and not 24/7, they outlast shoes 10 to 1.  I have clients who have used the same set of boots for over 5 years.  Obviously the number of miles and type of surface ridden on will affect boot life, but the average trail rider or competitor often gets a couple of seasons out of their boots.

I carry hoof boot fitting "shells" to ensure a perfect fit.  Measuring for hoof boots is a daunting task for the horse owner, and often the results are less than favorable.  There is much more to consider in fitting boots than just a measurement.  The amount of flare, length of toe, and shape of heel bulbs all affect how and if a hoof boot will fit.  It is best to get a professional fitting to ensure success the first time!

Hoof boots can be fitted with traction studs for winter riding, and there is an infinite number of ways to customize them to fit your precise needs.  A hoof boot fitting is informative and makes sure you get the right boots for the terrain, the horse, and your personal preferences the first time around!

A pair of hoof boots (2 boots) can range from $110-$250 depending on brand and style.

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